For the international market we have the whole range of sky materials in our product range.

Multi-axial fibres are made from stretched out fibres, which are layered and aligned unequally, and then sewn together. This specific fabrication leads to an optimal absorption of pulling and compression force. Multi-axial fibres can be produced from carbon, aramid or glass fibre.

The following products are differentiated by the alignment of the fibres:

  • Unidirectional fibres       0° or 90°
  • Bidirectional fibres          0°, 90°
  • Biaxial fibres                    +/- 45°
  • Triaxial fibres                  0°, +/- 45° oder 90°, +/-45°
  • Quadraxial fibres            0°, +/- 45°, 90°

The fibres can also be combined with matting or non woven fabrics.