With pyrogenic silicid acid (Aerosil 200) the right thixotrophy and thickening of epoxy resins can be achieved. That's how spatulas and viscous resins for corners end edges can be self made. Fillers such as phenolic microballoons or glass hollow spheres allow an easy mix, that don't cause any exothermic problems.

Art.No. Name Fibre length Packaging unit Data sheet
Aerosil 200 Hydrophilic fumed silica 12 nm 10 kg bag pdf
Cotton flakes Cotton flakes, colour: white 0,35 mm 20 kg pdf
Phenolic Microspheres Phenolic Microspheres, colour: brown 0,065 - 0,090 mm 12 kg pdf
SCF Short carbon fiber, machine-cut 2 - 10 mm 20 kg pdf
SGF Short glas fiber, machine-cut 3 - 12 mm 20 kg  
SGF-0,2 Short glas fiber, powdered 0,2 mm 25 kg bag