In order for the component to be released out of the mould release agents are essential. We offer you a vast range of different systems. Fluid or paste-like waxes, semipermanent release agents or low-emission soap release agents are available for your use.

Art.No.NameDelivery formapplicable forpurchase packagingData sheet
HACOWAX T1Release agentliquidPolyurethan, epoxy resin, polyester0,6 ltr. / 1 ltr. / 5 ltr. / 50 ltr. / 200 ltr.pdf
HACOWAX T2Release agentpaste-likeharsh and porous surfaces0,5 kg / 2,5 kgpdf
RA 57Semipermanent release agentliquidPolyurethan, epoxy resin, polyester5 ltr.pdf
PVA LackFilm release agentliquidEpoxid-, polyester-, vinylester resin5 ltr.pdf
MC 72Cleaneraqueousall kind of surfaces5 ltr.pdf