Nomex honeycombs consist of aramid fibres, that are soaked in phenol resins. In combination with prepregs efficient, lightweight sandwich components are formed. Another processing possibility is vacuum bagging.

The hexagonal structure of the honeycombs enables a maximum stability and stiffness at minor bendings. Overexpanded nomex honeycombs are preferably processed on components with comparitively small radii.

Art.No.NameData sheet
4.8-48-NXINomex honeycomb / Cell dimension: 4,8 mm, 48 kg/cbm, industrial gradepdf
4.8OX-48-NXINomex honeycomb / Cell dimension: 4,8 mm, overexpanded, 48 kg/cbm, industrial gradepdf
5-32-NXINomex honeycomb / Cell dimension: 5 mm, 32 kg/cbm, industrial gradepdf

standard dimension: 2.500 (+/- 75) x 1.250 (+/- 50) mm
thickness: upon request
purchase quantity: 1 pcs.
price: upon request