Through the use of peel ply a quick processing after the lamination and a perfect surface adhesion are achieved. When epoxy resins set  kapamt develops due to a reaction with the moisture in the air. A binding of further laminate layers or durable adherences are prevented through the kapamat film. After removing the peel ply the rough and clean surface enables a maximum effect for following adhesions.

Various width and webbings ansure efficient working methods when using our high-quality peel-ply.

Material: Polyamid (Nylon 6.6)
Weave: Plain (PP067/PP083/PP105)
Twill (PP100T)

0,13 mm (PP06 ) / 0,15 mm (PP083) /
0,19 mm (PP105) / 0,18 mm (PP100T)

Finish: washed/ heat-set
  Rest Schlichtegehalt < 0,5 %

Tracer: without (PP067)
Tracer: red (PP083)
Tracer: black (PP105)
Tracer: blue (PP105T)

Roll length
Data sheet
PP067-var. widthPeel ply6725-1000200pdf
PP083-var. widthPeel ply8325-1000200pdf
PP100T-0750Peel ply twill100750100pdf
PP105-var. widthPeel ply105200-1470200pdf