Closed cell, cross linked rigid foam with a high rigidity and a good stability - weight ratio. Depending on the production process different varieties are available, e.g. for hand lamination or vacuum infusion. Approved by Germanischen Lloyd. Fire tested according to DIN 5510.

Sheet length
C70.4040 kg/m35 to 80 mm13302850 (1/2 sheet length for thickness < 8 mm)
C70.4848 kg/m35 to 70 mm12702730 (1/2 sheet length for thickness < 8 mm)
C70.5560 kg/m35 to 70 mm11502450 (1/2 sheet length for thickness < 8 mm)
C70.7580 kg/m33 to 60 mm10202180
C70.90100 kg/m35 to 50 mm9502050
C70.130130 kg/m35 to 50 mm8501900
C70.200200 kg/m35 to 50 mm7501600
C70.250250 kg/m35 to 50 mm7001500

Packing variants: Sheets, perforated on request. Grooved, single or double sided. Scrim cloth

Rigid foams
Further closed cell rigid foams made from other material (e.g. PeT, PMI) available upon request.

Flexible sandwich materials
Pressure resistant, non woven polyester fabrics are used in most of the products. They function as core material, internal distribution fabric and also as print blocker and are available in 1,5 mm to 6 mm thickness. Compared to rigid foams, smaller radii and more complex contours are possible with this core material. An overview of the different materials is available upon request.