Heater mats

Our heating mats are made specifically for the repairs of composite structures, to spread the heat equally throughout the vaccum. They are made of silicone and are very flexible, so that they adjust to all surfaces.

Towards that the heating mats also come with ports to link directly to the Hot Bonder AHB380DV2.

FLEXIBLE HEATER MAT 230V, 50HzFlexible heater mat100 x 100 to 400 x 400
STRETCHABLE HEATER MATStretchable heater mat150 x 150 to 630 x 750

Infrared lamp

To repair uneven fibre reinforced components the use of an infrared lamp is essential. We offer the following range of models: basic version that can be connected to the Hot Bonder or lamps with inbuilt Hot-Bonder controls.

IRPE Premium LAMP WITH CONTROLLERFor tempering small areas with a homogenous temperature distribution (± 3°C at 95°C). Suction cup mount for exact placement, inbuilt Hot Bonder controls.
BABY LAMPBasic version, to be connected to a Hot Bonder, 1.000 W or 2.000 W.
IRS LAMP WITHOUT CONTROLLEREfficient, swivelling IR lamp for precise temepring cycles, to be connected to a Hot Bonder, 3.300 W or 6.600 W.
IRPE LAMP WITH CONTROLLER MOVEABLE HEADLike the IRS LAMP, but comes with inbuilt Hot Bonder controls.