Would you like to establish new production techniques in your company; or introduce new employees efficiently into your working process?

We offer you customized training in the following areas. All training modules can be customized according to your individual requirements. Please understand the stated duration and number of participants as a recommendation.

Composite Start

As an introduction to the fibre-reinforced construction methods and to give an overview of the most important aspects of composite manufacturing with duroplasts we offe the module "Composite Start". For newcomers in the industry this training course provides extensive information. Due to the diversified spectrum of subjects it is suitable for a wide range of employees from different departments..

Duration: 2 days/ Participants: 10-15

  • What is fibre composite ?
  • Materials
  • Matrix
  • Processing
  • Job safety

Composite Advanced

In the "Composite Advanced" training course we discuss further aspects of the fibre-reinforced construction, which occur - at the latest - at the beginning of the manufacturing and construction. Subjects such as inspection and quality management or also construction principles are discussed here. A lot of companies that are already experienced in construction work have to rethink at this point, becuase in comparison to classic construction material fibre-reinforced materials do put different demands on the whole approach.

Duration: 2 days/ Participants: 5-10

  • Materials and processing
  • Quality assurance
  • Test procedures
  • Fibre-suited production
  • Sandwich constructions
  • Basic principles of dimensioning
  • Model cases

Procedural Training / Composite Special

When it comes to the introduction of a specific manufacturing procedure such as the vacuum infusion we can support you with adequate training course or also technical advice. In the "Composite Special" module theoretical aspects are illustrated and methodical approaches or troubleshooting are put across. We offer especially the following training modules:

  • Manual laminating
  • Vacuum bagging
  • Vacuum infusion
  • RTM Resin Transfer Moulding
  • Prepreg processing